Spring Shoe Tips

Apr 29, 2021

It’s Spring 2021! The snow is gone and we’re walking: walking because we can’t go to the gym, walking our new rescue dog, walking with our kids to get them outside, walking to drop some COVID weight, walking for fitness and mental health. 

Whatever your reason, don’t let foot pain or injury put an end to one of the few activities we CAN do! What’s the most important step (pun intended) you can take toward injury prevention? GOOD SHOES!!

Take an objective look at what’s on your feet when you walk. Hard soled casual shoes, fashion athletic shoes or lightweight flexible running shoes are not going to give your feet (or legs or back) the support and cushion they need for long or frequent walks.


Check your walking shoes for these important features:

  • Heel counter: this is the part of the shoe that cups your heel above the sole. It should be firm and hug your heel. You should not be able to easily squeeze or flex the heel counter.

  • Sole support: the sole or base of the shoe should resist twisting or flexing. The shoe should flex at the ball of the foot for push off, but not through the middle.



 If you’ve been wearing a good shoe, check for wear. 

  • Does the sole look worn on the bottom

  • Does the shoe sit balanced on the floor, or is it twisted or wobbly

  • Does the sole material look crushed or compressed

  • Is there significant wear on the inside of the heel cup


Running / walking shoes should be replaced regularly, generally after 500 to 800 km of wear. Do the math. If you walk 4 km, 5 days per week, that’s 10 months. Surprised?  


So if you need to replace your shoes, many of your local shoe retailers are open for online order and curbside pick up: 

  • Back Roads Brews and Shoes  (west London)
  • Walking on a Cloud  (north London - Masonville Mall)
  • New Balance London  (north-west London - Oxford and Wonderland)
  • Running Room  (downtown London - Richmond Street)
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op  (south London - Wellington)
  • Ovation Shoes  (west London Hyde Park)


Stay well and keep walking!