Pedorthics London Update to announcement of provincial Stay at Home Order

Jan 14, 2021

Update to Announced Changes in Provincial Restrictions

As providers of medical devices, Pedorthics London is permitted to remain open by appointment during the provincial Stay at Home Order

We understand how important it is to remain active and healthy during this time.  If you are experiencing foot or lower limb pain and would like to be seen, please contact us for an appointment.  Appointments with Judy are currently limited due to school closure.

To reduce contact, if you have questions about your orthotics or footwear, or are not sure your situation requires an in-person visit, please call and we will make arrangements for a phone appointment to speak with Jon or Judy.  

Alternately, if you are comfortable discussing your situation via email, you may contact Jon at  or Judy at . (Please note that by doing so, you are agreeing to discuss health information by non-secure means.)

As always, stay well.

Judy, Jon, and Natalie

For more information on the recent provincial announcement .