Expectations on Returning to In-person Care

Author: Judy Flegel

Jun 5, 2020

We understand that you may have concerns about what is expected of you and what to expect from us as we return to in-person care.  By providing the following information, we hope to ease anxieties about your appointment.  


EXPECTATIONS during COVID-19 Pandemic:

What can you expect BEFORE your appointment?

You will receive a REMINDER phone call the day prior to your appointment.  This call will consist of:

  •  a COVID-19 Screening questionnaire

  •  Instructions to wear a face mask (mandatory)

  •  Instructions to remain in your car until just before your appointment time

  •  Instructions to only bring one additional pair of shoes, only if necessary for evaluation

  •  Instructions to complete a history online through our clinic management software called Jane (this is a Canadian based software company which adheres to Canadian privacy laws).

  •  Request to complete online payment prior to your appointment

  •  Instructions to complete the online screening questionnaire when you receive it (see below)

Additional COVID-19 Screening

You will receive an ONLINE COVID-19 Screening questionnaire approximately 2 hours prior to your appointment.  Please ensure you complete and return this questionnaire electronically at least 30 min before your scheduled appointment.


What can you expect on ARRIVAL for your appointment?

  • you enter Westmount Mall through the main entrance (facing Viscount Road)

  • you might be required to check in with Mall Security  

On arrival to the clinic:

  • you will be met by your Pedorthist in the mall hallway outside the clinic

  • you will be asked to confirm COVID-19  screening questions and have a temperature measurement taken

  • it is MANDATORY that all patients and staff wear face masks throughout the duration of their time in the clinic

  • you will proceed to the LEFT upon entrance to the clinic and taken directly to the assessment room; we are trying to avoid use of the waiting room 

  • floor markings will be in place to guide you and help maintain physical distance 

  • you will be required to sanitize your hands upon arrival 


What can you expect DURING your appointment?

  • you will be asked to place any footwear, orthotics or items you wish us to evaluate on a plastic stool inside the office

  • please use the hand sanitizer available 

  • we will maintain a 2 m distance as much as possible

  • we will clarify any questions we have with respect to the history you provided online

  • in addition to a face mask, we will be wearing face shields when we are unable to maintain physical distancing parameters (less than 2 m), during assessment of feet and casting

  • gait assessment will be completed within the assessment room

  • we ask that you do not touch sample products or display items

      Please Note:

  • all contact surfaces, including the floor, will be disinfected with a virucide disinfecting agent between every appointment

  • we will be booking at a reduced capacity to allow increased time between appointments for cleaning and disinfecting



  • We aim to have no more than one patient at a time, however, there may be other patients in the physiotherapy area of the clinic.

  • Pedorthics London patients will not be allowed in the physiotherapy area of the clinic

  • There will be no access to washroom facilities within the clinic

  • You will receive all insurance paperwork electronically through our clinic software program.  You will need to log into your account (do not create a new account, but you may need to set up a password if you do not already have one).

  • If you are unable to make online payment (strongly recommended to reduce contact), POS payment will be available, however cheque and cash will not be accepted.  You will be asked to use hand sanitizer before touching the POS machine.

  • We request that you come alone to your appointment unless you need assistance for transportation, mobility, language interpretation or comprehension.  Names and contact information of any one you bring along will be recorded for contact tracing purposes.

These are the steps we are taking to enhance the safety of patients, staff and the community.  We appreciate your cooperation as we navigate this challenging situation.

Thank you,

Pedorthics London Team