What's a modified shoe?

Jul 24, 2018

Canadian Certified Pedorthists can professionally alter footwear to accommodate a person’s specific foot or lower limb condition.  Modified footwear can often be a more affordable option to a custom made shoe.

The most common modification we make are lifts, rocker soles and sole widening.  A lift is used to address a leg length difference by adding extra sole height to the shoe of the shorter leg. Rocker soles can be used after surgery or trauma that results in loss of ankle or rearfoot movement by decreasing the range of motion demands of walking. They can also be used to unload forefoot pressures. Sole widening addresses a collapsed arch and/or wide foot so that it can be supported by the sole of the shoe.

An example of a LIFT.  We work hard to make footwear modifications resemble the original and not be noticable.